In which he turns the corner

Ever since I announced my departure from my current position, I've received a wide variety of responses. Many, of course, split between "we hate to see you go" and "Congratulations, I hope it works out for you". I appreciate these responses, they do give me confidence that I managed to build a social network at my job and that I was effective at my job.

The most interesting response I received was: "give me daily updates". At first I scoffed and said there's no way my life could be that engaging. They followed up saying "You should write a blog. You are going to California, you are going to start working at a really interesting and challenging position, and you have lots of interesting things to say in general."

As before, my first response was to dismiss the idea, but it quickly took hold on me, and here I am, writing a blog. For me, I have generally focused on the hard skills over the years: technical ability, business processes, etc. The soft skills such as writing have not been priority for me. As my life turns a corner, my plan is to write in this blog regularly. Topics will cover whatever comes into my head, from theology to technology to admiring the earth that God has created.